Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum - Aircraft on Display - Titusville Florida
Ariplanes on display in the Vailian Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville Florida

6600 Tico Road -- Titusville, FL 32780 -- 321-268-1941 --

Airplanes On Display

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F5E-Modified F14A Tomcat A6E
F-5E SSBD-Modified F14A Tomcat A-6E Intruder
F101 helicopter H19
F-101B Voodoo UH-1 Huey UH-19B Sikorsky Chickasaw
F8U T-34C-Turbo-Mentor Mig-15
F-8K Crusader T-34C Turbo-Mentor Mig-15 UTI Midget
T2 T-33-F-80 F9F-5
T2-C Buckeye T-33/F-80 Shooting Star F9F-5 Panther
ME208 jet F4F-4 or FM1
ME208 Messerschmitt TA4-J  Skyhawk F4F-4/FM1 Wildcat
F-86 Sabre Jet OV-1D Mohawk C-47 TICO Belle
F-86 Sabre OV-1D Mohawk C47 Skytrain "TICO BELLE"
Mig-21 A-7-A Rosie The Rocketer
Mig-21 U Mongol A-7A Corsair II L-4J - "Grasshopper"
S-2-F Tracker OV-10 Bronco FA-18 Hornet
S-2-F Tracker OV-10G Bronco FA-18 Hornet
t-28 Trojan in the Valiant Air Command Museum in Titusville, FL A-4C Skyhawk F-4J Phantom
T-28B Trojan A-4C Skyhawk F-4J Phantom

Airplanes On Temporary Display

B-25 Sopwith Camel World War 1 Tiger Moth on loan.
B-25J Mitchell "Sopwith Camel"
WW-I British fighter
DH82A Tiger Moth

Fokker 3D - RedBaron

"Fokker 3D"
WW-I German fighter

Airplanes Undergoing Restoration

TMB F-16 Fighting Falcon F-105D Thunderchief
TBM-3E Avenger F-16 Fighting Falcon F-105D Thunderchief
L-13 Vultee British Canberra F-11F Tiger
L-13 Vultee British Canberra F-11F Tiger

Military Vehicles

1941 Dodge Army Staff Car World War II Staff Car and Ambulance.
1941 Dodge Army Staff Car Staff car and WW II ambulance


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