Valiant Air Command - C-47 Skytrain TiCo Belle - Titusville Florida
Ride the C-47A Skytrain TiCo Belle from the vailian air command warbird museum in titusville florida

6600 Tico Road -- Titusville, FL 32780 -- 321-268-1941 --

C-47A Skytrain     TiCo Belle

Tico Belle at the 2014 AirShow   •   History of the Douglas C-47A Skytrain "TiCo Belle"

Ride This Warbird

Ride in the Normandy Invasion C-47 Skytrain TiCo Belle
Anytime you are interested in flying just call the museum,
pay a small deposit and get on the reserve list: 321-268-1941.

TiCo Belle, C-47, in flight - March, 2010

TiCo Belle, C-47, in flight - March, 2010
New paint job. Z8 is the actual alph-numeric code that represented the  84th Troop Carrier Squadron (TCS); somewhere along the line they had her "sister" unit's  U5 ... which for years we thought  was us.

TICO VAC Warbird AirShow - March, 3013

2013 TICO Airshow Skydivers bring the Flag I was one of the few who had the honor and privilege of jumping out of the Tico Belle last weekend at the Tico Airshow. I was there on Saturday and was the middle person in the 3 stack that flew in the US Flag. This was my first demo jump, and my first time in a C47. The whole experience was amazing for me and my head was already spinning from just the events of the day.

Now as I have been going through video and photos from the jump I put together a video that I uploaded to YouTube when entering my description of the video I included a link to your website. Once I had the link I started reading about the history of this lovely lady and was left in a state of total awe. After reading her full history I honestly feel humbled by her amazing past, and honored that i got to fly in/jump out of the same aircraft that once carried such brave men into battle. I wanted to thank you all personally for flying us to altitude so we could jump out commemorating the history of this plane as well as honoring the memories of those who she carried so many years ago.

Here is a link to the video
showing my experience with the Tico Belle.

I'm also attaching a couple of images I took as I exited the plane.

Best Regards, Nick Barson

2013 Flag Jump 1

2013 Flag Jump 2

2013 Flag Jump 3

2013 Flag Jump 4

Ride this warbird - the TiCo Belle

Ride in our WWII Normandy Invasion Veteran
The C-47 "TiCo Belle"

The Valiant Air Command is proud to announce that one of its most venerable warbirds has returned to flight once again; the C-47 "TiCo Belle." From the Normandy invasion to Cherbourg, to Arnhem, to Bastogne, to the Berlin Airlift and much more, this aircraft was there -- over 68 years ago.

Now, YOU can experience all this history as a special and unique present for yourself, or someone you love. Call or email ( us for additional information, or to get on our reserve list and we will notify you of the fight schedule. Don't miss this exciting opportunity when the TiCo Belle, returns to the skies with you aboard; complete with Normandy invasion identification stripes.

You will be able to look out and truly imagine what it must have been like on that fateful June 6th, 1944. A day when the freedom of a world hung in the balance as she made her way in the pre-dawn darkness towards the beaches of Normandy; part of the largest aerial invasion armada the world has ever seen.

The Valiant Air Command Museum is located at the Space Coast Regional Airport at 6600 Tico Road in Titusville. Our website is and our phone number is 321-268-1941.

For more information:
Colonel Ron Davis, USAF (Ret)
Public Relations Officer
Valiant Air Command

The C-47 TiCo Belle returns to flight 6-23-09

The Valiant Air Command is proud to announce that one of it's most venerable warbirds has returned to flight once again. From the Normandy invasion to Cherbourg, to Arnhem, to Bastogne, to the Berlin Airlift and much more, this aircraft was there -- over 65 years ago. Today the "TiCo Belle" is a flying extension of the museum with the mission educate the public about military history and what it meant to not only serve in World War II, but to have been present when so many sacrificed so much in the service of this Country. 

In addition to supporting the museum's mission through visits around the country, the VAC will be offering local rides for a very reasonable amount.  If you are interested in giving someone a very special present, keep watching this space for more information or call the museum to sign up now.

C-47 cockpit in flight.

Left, Paul Schulten - Right, Bob Boswell.
Bob is being checked out on the C47.

C-47 First Return Flight test pilots.

First Public
"Return to Flight"
July 4, 2009

TiCo Belle & Mentor
Sunset Approach Waving To Crowd

C-47 TiCo Belle

C-47 over a cloverleaf in Titusville

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February 2008 "TiCo Belle" update

C47 Update from Bob James; maintence officer - I'm happy to report that we have had good progress with the Douglas C47. The new main tires and brakes have been mounted and installed on the aircraft. Many thanks to Norm Lindsay and our volunteer crew. They have worked steadily and have overcome numerous challenges along the way. Also to Gary Norville of American Aero Services in New Smyrna Beach, Florida for doing the removal of the old main tires and mounting the new tubes and tires on the rims.

Many thanks to Tom Reilly for his leadership in the covering of the elevators and Susan Reilly for making the envelopes for the elevators. Tom also was there to guide the crew during the installation of the propellers. We still have a number of coats to apply to the elevators before they will be ready to mount. We have to wait for the warmer and drier weather to accomplish that task. We hope to have the "TiCo Belle" running by the TiCo AirShow (March 14-16th, 2008). That date is fast approaching so make your plans to attend and see the progress we have made.

August 2006 "TiCo Belle" update

We now have a freshly overhauled engine ( P&W R1830-92) for the left side. It is installed and the majority of new flex hoses have also been installed. All of the engine accessories have been overhauled and installed (less the feathering pumps).

The electrical circuits have been connected and verified.

The engine control cables have been connected and adjusted for the proper tension with the exception of one carburetor control that will be replaced due to a frayed wire. The safety wiring of the many turnbuckles is in progress.

The pilot and co-pilots seats have been repaired and will be installed after the cockpit flooring is in place.

The major work items reaming are the wing attach air worthiness (AD) which requires a 2,000 pound jig to verify the wing structure configuration, obtain new tires and brakes and the installation of the outboard wing sections and propellers.

Hopefully all these things will be complete by our annual air show next year (March 16-18, 2007). Hope to see many of my old friends at next years show.

Robert E. James
Maintenance Director

CURRENT STATUS - March, 2005

The Valiant Air Command's Douglas C47 has been in a repair cycle since July of 2001. It was seriously damaged during a landing accident returning from an airshow in North Carolina.

We currently are anticipating having it ready for the airshow next year (2006). The majority of the sheet metal repairs have been completed. We have acquired one used replacement engine that has two thirds of its life remaining that will be utilized in the right side (#2). We are still raising money to obtain an overhauled engine for the other side (left #1).

Other work yet to be completed involves repairing the pilot and copilots seats, control columns, floor boards and flight control cabling. Once the engines have been installed all new hoses will be fabricated and connected between the firewall and their engine interfaces. Once the engine systems have been "debugged" the outboard wing sections will be mated to the center wing platform.

Any contributions for the repair/restoration of the "TiCo Belle" should be made out to the Valiant Air Command, C47 fund and sent to the VAC at 6600 Tico Rd., Titusville, Fl 32780

Robert E. James, Maintenance Director, Valiant Air Command

Another major element will be replacing the old wheels tires and brakes. These items have yet to be obtained. We hope to have all systems up and running by the end of the year to allow time to get the "TiCo Belle" in the air for several months prior to the 2006 airshow. This time will allow final squawks to be resolved and for the flight crew some proficiency flight time.

July 9th, 2001

On July 9th,2001, our flagship Douglas C-47, the TiCo Belle, crashed on landing in extreme weather conditions. The ship was removed from the runway on the night of the crash and deposited on the concrete ramp outside our main tuskegee. During the week of the 15th through the 21st, both engines were removed. On the 28th with the help of two local companies, Justus Boat Transport and Maxim Crane Works, it was moved to our maintenance hangar.

She currently sits in our maintenance hangar, undergoing evaluation.

TiCo Belle C-47 being moved into tuskegee.

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